Welcome to Situk River Fly Shop!

Our eCommerce site is currently under development.  If you would like to talk gear, where the fish are or get info about the local fishing possibilities please call Bob at the shop (+1-907-784-3087).

About Us:
Our shop is located in the small borough of Yakutat, Alaska. The smallest community in the world with daily jet service, two Alaska Airlines jets land here each day bringing with them enthusiastic anglers looking to fish one of the largest and highest-quality Steelhead and salmon runs in the world. Our shop serves those visiting adventurers by providing not only the highest quality products (we only sell gear that we ourselves would use), but by sharing our knowledge of the local fisheries, landscape and tourist services. We hope to meet you in person on your next visit to Yakutat. Until then, be sure visit Bob's Blog for river reports, weir counts, what flies the fish are chasing and a wealth of other local fishing knowledge.